Academic Activities

Competitive Programming

Contestant 2014 - 2017

  • It taught me to develop my skills principally in problem solving, mathematics and debugging. Also, it teach me teamwork.
  • Coach & Instructor of Competitive Programming 2017 - 2018

  • Teaching challenged me to transmit my ideas clearly
  • Contents can be found here
  • Participation in Programming Competitive Camps:
    Brasil 2015, Argentina 2016 & Brasil 2017

    Chair Aug 2017 - Aug 2018

  • Chair position helped me to develop management skills, learn to work with multidisciplinary teams and spread Computer Science through events, workshops, contests, etc.
  • Member 2014 - Present

    What does the chapter?

  • Open Source Events: Hacktoberfest, GsoC
  • Education Events: Scholar Programming Contest(CEP), Hour of Code
  • Competitive Programming Events: Programming Camp 2015
  • (These aren't all the events of the Chapter, I just mention the ones that I participate more)

    Top Third of School
    Overall Average: 15.38/20

    Some interesting stuff that I developed:

  • Huffman coder and decoder
  • Webpage to handle market inventary, developed in Revel(Go), and another really similar developed in Django(Python)
  • A Visualizationt related to ants, you can learn more about it below
  • A small RDBMS that accepts SQL-like querys
  • A distributed graph system with redundancy, and a custom communication protocol, using c(sockets)
  • Projects

    I really like to contribute on Open Source Projects!.

  • I contributed to learning projects like e-maxx-eng and binarytree
  • I help to maintain and create PKGBUILDS of my favorite software. Contributions in AUR Archlinux

  • I have some minor contribution to Linux Kernel
  • I also try to help in StackOverFlow

  • A visualization that helps to hunt alate Ant Queens, using structured data from AntWeb API and crawled data from lamarabunta

    A Demonstration of Huffman Algorithm working on any box


    Operating System

    Linux & Windows


    C++, Python, Go


    Javascript, Scrapy, Leaflet, Gulp, Stylus & JSON


    Bash, GNU awk, GNU sed, Emacs, LaTeX, PostgreSQL


    Software Engineer Sept 2018 - Present

  • Developing crawlers for latAm pages using Scrapy, AWS.
  • Improving performance on integration code.
  • Personal Interests


    I like to practice Muay Thai

    Favorite books

    I just got an Ant Queen!, hope to make a great colony!

    God exists

    PDF version